About Us

Herbon International Holdings Co.Ltd. is established in 2011, specializing in the research and production of Dextran and Dextran derivatives. We are formerly known as Herbon Polysaccharide Biotech Co. Ltd., an officially recognized National High-Tech Enterprise.

We have various patents and proprietary technology in the field of Dextran and Dextran derivatives production. Our use of innovative and unique enzymatic synthesis method together with leading edge ultra-filtration system enables us to produce Dextran of any molecular weight, as well as a variety of Dextran derivatives.

Our products are sold worldwide to clients within the pharmaceutical industry, food and nutrition sector, scientific research, as well as cosmetic firms.


Scientists predicted that in the 21st century, glycomics will emerge as the new milestone for biotechnology development and produce a variety of advances in the biomedical arena. Herbon International’s mission is to research and develop world class carbohydrates on our own innovative glycotechnology platform and contribute to this important development.

Production Facility

Herbon International’s production facility is located in the southern part of China – HeYuan, within the Guangdong Province, where it is famous for nice scenery and clear water. Our facility spans 24,000m2, includes a research and development center, GMP production line and quality control center to meet the needs of large-scale industrial production.