Continuous Innovation

Continuous innovation is core to our business. Our patents and proprietary technologies provide a strong foundation to our glycotechnology platform. Our pragmatic approach to research enables us to transform these intellectual properties into scalable industrial production, and generate significant social and economic benefits.

Established glycotechnology platform

Enzymatic synthesis platform for the production of different molecular weight dextrans, including super high and ultra low molecular weight products.
The traditional Dextran production method involves bacteria fermentation and ethanol precipitation, which is characterized by low efficiency and high capital input. Herbon’s proprietary enzymatic synthesis technology allows us to synthesize the required molecular weight product in one simple step, preventing many problems involved with the traditional method, such as bacteria contamination etc. We utilize a nano- filtration purification system to remove impurities, ensuring the quality and purity of our Dextran products comply with international standards, and provide us with high quality raw materials for producing Dextran derivatives.

Dextran molecular modification technology platform
We offer tailor made Dextran derivatives solutions, including hydrogenation, oxidation, etherification, carboxymethylation, conjugation with other elements etc.


Low molecular weight carbohydrates, especially fructose, are our major by-products. We utilize a nano-filtration and reverse osmosis system to isolate and collect these useful materials, reducing wastes and environmental pollution.