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Wide Range of Products

Our use of innovative and unique enzymatic synthesis method together with leading edge ultra-filtration system enables us to produce any molecular weight Dextran ranging from 1,000 Daltons to above 500,000 Daltons. No organic solvents are used. Our product platform includes Dextrans (different forms including oxidized, hydrogenated etc.) and Dextran derivatives that comply with different standards including multiple pharmacopeia specifications.

Committed to Quality

Quality control is amongst the highest priorities of our company. We invest heavily in our production process and facilities to ensure they are highly controlled and up to world class standard. We also have in place a systemic and robust quality check system to ensure only the best quality products are delivered to customers. Our product guarantees optimal solubility and utmost purity.

Reasonable pricing

Our vision is to improve the well-being of the world public via glyco-technology. We are committed to supply best quality products at reasonable price to enable and promote maximum utilization and application of Dextran.

Product Categories

Name Mw
D - T22,000
D - T33,000
D - T44,000
D - T55,000
D - T66,000
D - T88,000
D - T1010,000
D - T1515,000
D - T2020,000
D - T3030,000
D - T4040,000
D - T5050,000
D - T6060,000
D - T7070,000
D - T100100,000
D - T150150,000
D - T200200,000
D - T250250,000
D - T500500,000
Name Iron content
ID-5% 5%
ID-10% 10%
Name Dextran Mw
Name Dextran Mw Specific viscosity
DD-T500500,0000.9 ~ 1.0
DD-T250250,0000.8 ~ 0.9
DD-T200200,0000.6 ~ 0.75
DD-T175175,0000.45 ~ 0.50
DD-T140140,0000.40 ~ 0.45
DD-T7070,0000.25 ~ 0.30
DD-T4040,0000.20 ~ 0.25
DD-T2020,0000.16 ~ 0.20
DD-T1010,0000.14 ~ 0.16
DD-T5005,0000.09 ~ 0.12

The patented process developed by Herbon's technology naturally transforms sucrose molecules into the functional health molecules of isomalto-oligosaccharide(IMO). The resulting product provides dietary fiber, prebiotic function and is a low caloric, anti-caries, nutritive sweetener. The proven health benefits of prebiotics include: suppresses cholesterol synthesis, lowers colonic pH thus increase absorption of dietary minerals and stimulates immune protection, etc.Herbon’s IMO exhibit a light sweet taste, with sweetness compared to sugar (sucrose) ~50-60%, and is stable in both extreme pH ranges (2.0-9.5) for an extended period of time and temperatures (160°C-180°C), making it an ideal candidate for addition into beverages and consumer food products.

IMOs are glucose polymers with α(1-6) linkages. These linkages are poorly digested in the human digestive tract and thus deliver fewer calories to the human body, in addition to providing prebiotic and fiber-like health benefits. Research shows that IMO is a more effective prebiotic compared to inulin and FOS, with 3 or above degree of polymerization (d.p.) being the core active ingredients. Herbon’s IMO is made up of at least 80% of 3 or above d.p. polymers. Our one step synthesis technology combined with the use of nano- filtration system to remove impurities ensures that we provide the most effective and pure products to our clients.

In addition to our portfolio of standard Dextran products, we also offer tailor-made products to our clients. These requirements could be special molecular weight (MW), special test parameters and new carbohydrates or derivates hereof. Please contact us if our standard product range does not meet your need.

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